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Steph Curly, Los Cabos

Frequently Asked Questions.

A transportation booking engine is a common application on carrier websites, hotel websites and social media sites to capture and process direct online bookings. It is a key solution for managing reservations that do not rely on third-party channels such as online travel agents.

While a channel manager helps to manage and monitor your connected booking channels, a booking engine will act as one more of the channels being managed. When it comes to updating rates and managing bookings in your channel manager, the booking engine will work together with other channels such as Airbnb or

You can accept bookings through your transportation service’s booking engine on your website, as well as on your social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Guests will interact with your booking engine through a “Book Now” button on your website or social media. They will then be able to view the available fleet and rates, and complete their booking through a couple of simple steps.

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